Vienna® Beef Company History Timeline

From the moment Emil Reichel and Sam Ladany gave Chicago its first taste of Vienna, we’ve been making hot dog history. Travel back to Chicago in 1893: it’s the most exciting festival in the world. The Vienna Sausage Manufacturing Company is born. Enjoy!


The city clamors for more! So Vienna begins marketing and selling its famous products to other stores and restaurants around Chicago.


Horse-drawn carriages deliver Vienna products across the Chicago area as demand gallops along.


Chicago is growing fast, and so is Vienna. The company expands its operations to meet the demand.


Vienna jobbers and distributors see the growing demand for higher quality products and begin to feature Wilno Kosher and Vienna Beef deli meats in Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, and Miami. Viennamania starts sweeping the nation.


Americans start bringing Vienna into their own homes as Vienna expands into the supermarkets in Chicagoland. Southern Californians soon follow the trend as the Vienna brand moves West.


Business goes sour…in a good way! The company purchases the well-known Chicago Pickle Company as it adds condiments to its product mix.



Vienna spices up its product line with chili and begins making the soups that will eventually comprise the Bistro Soup Company.


Vienna Beef Chili Company specializes in custom recipes to meet the growing menu trends across the nation.